Suck My Duck: A Flavorful Journey of Halal Roast Duck and Hong Kong-Style Duck Noodles

Tucked away in the Hang Tuah area of South Jakarta is the trendy restaurant known as “Suck My Duck.” This Oriental eatery, inspire by the flavors of Hong Kong, has now expand to two other locations in Bandung and Surabaya.

Suck My Duck is all about delivering a delightful and halal roast duck dining experience. They steer clear of non-halal seasonings or ingredients in their dishes. With a modern and elegant Oriental interior, this restaurant is consistently bustling during both lunch and dinner hours.

Here are some of the must-try dishes at Suck My Duck:

1. A Modern Roast Duck Restaurant

The essence of Suck My Duck lies in its specialty—roast duck. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greet by the sight of their semi-open kitchen, complete with rows of hanging roast ducks. The interior predominantly features shades of red and vintage posters, reminiscent of local eateries in Hong Kong. The restaurant offers VIP seating, indoor dining, and an outdoor dining area.

Ordering is made easy with QR codes, and your food will typically arrive in less than 15 minutes after you place your order. Here, you can explore various duck preparations, from roast duck to duck on noodles and duck tofu.

2. Quarter Duck

At Suck My Duck, all dishes come in different portion sizes to accommodate varying appetites. There are family-size portions and regular-size portions for individual diners. One standout option is the Quarter Duck (Rp 105,000).

According to one of the staff members at Suck My Duck, their roast duck draws inspiration from the Cantonese-style roast ducks commonly found in Hong Kong. Each roast duck at the restaurant undergoes an 18-hour cooking process, from marinating the duck to roasting and even a hot oil bath.

The Quarter Duck comes with Suck My Duck’s homemade hoisin sauce, which strikes a perfect balance between aromatic and sweet-savory notes.


The roast duck boasts a crispy and flavorful outer layer, which gives way to tender and juicy boneless duck meat with rich, well-marinate flavors.

When you drizzle the hoisin sauce over the duck, it elevates the entire dish, adding complexity with a hint of saltiness and the delightful sweetness of the sauce. Although the Quarter Duck is the smallest portion size, it’s more than enough to satisfy two diners.

In essence, Suck My Duck offers a fantastic dining experience with its flavorful and halal roast duck, capturing the essence of Hong Kong-style cuisine right in Jakarta.