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Holige is actually also called Obbatu in lots of parts of South India. In Maharashtra, it is actually popular due to the label Dessert Poli. This is a typical pleasant prepared due to the South Indians throughout any kind of satisfied and also auspicious celebration to embark their joy and happiness. The approach of readying this sweet is a little bit of tiresome job yet believe me it costs all the work done. This samples finest along with ghee or even kaayi rasa (i.e. a mixture of milk, coconut, sugar and fruit). You also obtain these readymade in many places in Bangalore the locations where I discovered them to be actually remarkable are "Holige Mane".

Listed here is a brief summary of just how this delightful is actually prepped:

The major active ingredients to create this delightful is toor dal which is actually phoned togari bele in South India and also jaggery typically got in touch with as Bella. Final however not the least all-purpose flour (Maida) is made use of for the cash to things in the filling as well as lastly is actually cooked on tawa. Right now tasty holige prepares to consume. Yumm !! All of in all this is one of my favorite sugary foods which is readied in South India.

Mysore Pak

This pleasant has a past history of much more than a century. The background of this particular wonderful gets back all, the opportunity when Mysuru which was actually the at that point funding of Karnataka was actually being actually reigned by Mysuru Maharajas. Kakasura Madappa was actually one of the cooks in Maharaja's kitchen area and it is actually claimed that Mysore Pak was his abrupt creation to make an impression on the Maharaja about his cooking food capabilities, which he got as a result of this delightful. This pleasant still retains its own prestige in people's heart as well as it is actually still a delight for craving for sweets. The pleasant primarily takes its title from the regional phrase called paka which indicates glucose syrup. The 3 necessary substances in this pleasant are actually-- ghee, chickpea powder as well as sweets which when consolidated types this absolutely succulent delightful with a gold shade. The particular summary I can easily give for this wonderful is that, this softens in your oral cavity like decreases of heaven. Gundappa sweets in Bengaluru are actually renowned for their great tasting Mysore Pak.

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Karchi Kaayi

This is mostly prepped on the day of Ganapathi Chaturthi as well as supplied to the God as sugary foods are taken into consideration as God Ganapathi's preferred. This is actually also a very easy as well as incredibly straightforward delightful. What produces this different from the sugary foods which are actually stated is that this one is actually crunchy and not that healthy and balanced compared to the above sugary foods and also therefore tastes different yet therefore are the other desserts similarly great tasting.

Jackfruit Halwa

As it is actually clear coming from the title this is a pleasant whose principal ingredient needs to be jackfruit. Actually a Tamil Nadu sweet however now you discover it in mostly all of South India. Contain glucose and jackfruit, the jackfruit sectors are reduced and a paste is made and later on it is boiled till our company obtain the syrupy texture along with a little coarseness and sweets is included based upon demand, cardamom particle is actually highly recommended yet it is very optionally available, topped up with cashew almonds seared in ghee for it to try finest. Handful of people prefer to it eat along with a little bit of dairy as well.


You may mention this is actually one more form of karchi kaayi, but the loading gives it an extremely different taste. The substance comprises of togari bele (toor dal) and jaggery. Dal is boiled as well as eventually grinded to an alright paste with jaggery syrup and is utilized as a filling as well as later on fried. I like this far better than karchi kaayi.

Kaayi Holige

Yet another modified version of holige the only element it differs once more in the filling which is utilized right here. The filling made use of listed here is grated completely dry coconut in addition to jaggery syrup, preferences entirely different from holige discussed earlier. Yet certainly not to forget this yet once again an outstanding sweet.

Godi Nucchu Paysa

Godi nucchu or else referred to as faulty wheat or grain is incredibly healthy since it contains a ton of fiber and this is not the honed wheat or grain grains so relatively healthy. This primarily consists of jaggery as well as faulty wheat or grain which come in handy as well as the method to prep this sweet is also incredibly effortless. This pleasant is lots of people's much-loved as a result of the distinct preference of the blend of wheat or grain and jaggery.

Gasoline Gase Paysa

This is yet another payasam ready and also is actually really widely known. This consists of couscous which is taken into consideration to become the standard component of Africans. The speciality of couscous (fuel gase) is that when this is consumed you really feel actually sleepy, which is why I directly love this. The other substances continue to be the same jaggery and a little bit of dairy.

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Imarti or Jhangri mean just the same. This is actually certainly not intended to be actually puzzled along with Jalebi which is actually totally different from Jhangri. Jhangri is actually comprised of Uddin bele (urad dal) as well as fried in the shape as received the picture using piping method, where the pipe is often composed of towel. Later on this is actually dipped in sweets syrup.


This is actually a renowned sweet and may be found being served in a typical South Indian weddings. This is actually really quick and easy to prepare also, basically the ingredients vary upon the sort of peni you intend to prepare. But all the styles of peni's are provided with nuts or badam dairy, and it is truly savory.

Antina Unde

It is actually a quite healthy sweet which contains ranges of dry out fruits as well as almonds which are combined utilizing eatable gum (antu) or even gondh. It is usually offered to the expecting women due to the fact that it is taken into consideration to possess all the vitamins as well as nutrients.

Kesari Shower

This pleasant is actually one such type of wonderful that can be found in also the smallest café in South India. It is just about like a South India bistro is certainly not complete without this delightful in there menu, people commonly eat this along with Uppit (upma) typically contacted chow baath.

Kadle Bele Payasa

This is another payasam; South Indians are popular for using jaggery in our sugary foods as well as for a considerable amount of payasam. Which you already must have recognized through currently after reading these sweets I have actually already mentioned. This includes kadale bele (Bengal gram) which is stress prepared and eventually is added along with jaggery as well as coconut dairy. There are actually several optionally available components you can once more opt for below, entirely depends upon exactly how you like it.


An additional fantastic South Indian sweet productions. Maida, sooji rava and also glucose particle or badam grain are actually used.

Dessert Pongal

Why is it named sweet Pongal? Considering that Pongal is an additional Tamilian dish prepped which is spicy. This is actually a widely known Tamilian fresh meal which is actually typically prepped on the affair of Pongal (a harvest festival) additionally called as Sankrathi.


The name mentions it all of, it 1 mug each of the 7 components which are actually sweets, ghee, besan, grated coconut and milk. All the parts used mix quite possibly with one another. And also this is actually really simple to prepare however it could be a little complicated considering that even when one of the ingredient is not added in the correct volume after that the sweet will certainly not be actually excellent.

Kobbari Mithai

It is actually a burfi made from kobbari (coconut) as well as sugar. Yet yet another effortless pleasant which needs couple of ingredients. You merely need to blend grated coconut along with sweets syrup in a very hot temperature and put it on a plate and permit it great and also harden. Cut them right into items of whatever size you desire to and they are actually ready to consume.

Go crazy Unde

This is a laddu (unde) prepared from rave (sooji) and also sugar syrup as well as badam or even cashew almonds are actually added, which is optionally available. All the elements are actually joined together and created in to spheres as well as entrusted to cool.

Boondi Laddu

This is an additional extremely renowned wonderful which is served in every South Indian wedding ceremony. Also offered to Lord Ganapathi on the affair of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Coconut Laddu

The method of preparing all the laddos is very same merely the components vary coming from one yet another. It's not a massive change of all the elements, only one or more components are changed as well as those chump changes generate a large distinction in preference. As the name claims, the main factor listed below made use of is actually coconut. Our experts can easily likewise make use of Cardamom powder listed here.

The major elements to create this delightful is toor dal which is phoned togari bele in South India as well as jaggery typically got in touch with as Bella. Yumm !! All in all this is one of my favourite sweets much-loved is prepared is actually Prepped India.

The three crucial active ingredients in this pleasant are actually-- ghee, chickpea particle and glucose which when bundled kinds this completely tasty sweet along with a golden color. What produces this various from the sugary foods which are already discussed is actually that this one is crispy and not that well-balanced matched up to the above desserts and therefore flavors different however thus are the various other sugary foods similarly mouth watering.

As well as this is actually extremely easy to prep nonetheless it may be actually a little tricky since even if one of the element is not included in the right volume at that point the pleasant will not be actually excellent.

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