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Sabudana chivda recipe along with measure through measure pictures-- sabudana chiwda is actually a crispy as well as appetizing snack food recipe of sabudana or even tapioca pearls for the Navratri fasting period.

Sabudana Chivda

Got some time to submit a Navratri recipe as well as this is actually the only dish I will certainly be able to submit. A fast paced trip to spiritual places of pilgrimage, is the reason that I am unable to offer time to blog writing. Our team will definitely be again taking a trip after a few days to devi shaktipeetha holy places, along with maa's grace & true blessings. To bring in the sabudana namkeen, you demand nylon material sabudana gems of the much larger wide array. The routine sabudana pearls won't function.

You can seasoning the sabudana with spices that are actually made use of in Navratri fasting. If you do not use red chili grain, then fry the green chilies in oil.
Establishment the sabudana chiwda in a closed jar or package as well as possess as a snack food, whenever demanded.

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Active ingredients

  •  1/2 mug nylon sabudana sizable gems
  •  1/4 mug peanuts
  •  1/4 cup raisins
  •  1/4 mug cashews
  • 1/4 teaspoon red chili powder or 1 eco-friendly chili - sliced
  • 1/2 teaspoon powder sugar or even as needed
  •  rock salt (eatable as well as food quality) as called for
  • oil for deep searing


  • In a steel frying filter, take the nylon sabudana pearls.
  • Heat oil for deeper frying in a kadai/wok. Warmth as much amount, in which the gems may receive submersed entirely.
  • When the gems happen in exchange the scorching oil, they will start expanding.
  • Along with a spoon, continue turning all of them all around, to ensure they are actually fried uniformly.
  • The gems need to seared actually effectively. Even when they appear, sharp as well as performed coming from out, they will definitely be hard coming from within. To inspect for doneness, you can easily attack right into a few pearls. Carry on to fry them if you feel they are actually certainly not prepared from the center. , if theyremove and drain the deep-fried gems on kitchen area paper problems.
  • Now fry uncooked peanuts the exact same means in the oil, till they modify different colors and also end up being crispy. Fry the raisins and cashews. When panning fry the raisins, as very soon as they expand, remove them from oil.
  • As very soon as the dry fruits are actually panned fry and also golden, empty all of them on paper napkins.
  • You can incorporate stone salt, powdered sweets and reddish chili particle and join whatever all together. Or take all of the fried active ingredients in a jar, as soon as the chiwda mixture becomes great. Sprinkle, salt, powder sugar and reddish chili particle.
  • Deal with the bottle snugly as well as shake it, therefore in order to combine the seasonings with the sabudana and dry out fruits. Retail store sabudana chivda at area temperature.
  • When demanded, offer sabudana chivda plain.

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  • The dish could be doubled or tripled.
  • Fry them in oil if utilizing eco-friendly chilies.


To make the sabudana namkeen, you need nylon material sabudana gems of the larger assortment. The normal sabudana pearls will not work. In India, nylon material sabudana is actually on call in dependence stores. You can easily seasoning the sabudana along with flavors that are actually used in Navratri starting a fast. The pearls have to fried actually well.

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