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A delightful Indian snack known as murmura chivda or kurmura chivda is made with puffed rice, curry leaves, herbs, and peanuts. This quick and easy recipe for crunchy and spicy puffed rice may be prepared in under 30 minutes. It is a nutritious, gluten-free, vegan snack that is great for teatime or as a Diwali (faral) snack!

Try this murmura chivda recipe if you're wanting to prepare a quick, easy, savoury snack for Diwali, which is just around the corner. Kurmura, also known as Murmura Chivda, is a quick, crispy, and highly addicting snack that can be made in about 30 minutes. If you enjoy chivda as much as I do, try this alternative recipe for Poha chivda.

What is Murmura Chivda

Puffed rice is known as murmura (or muri) in English, mamra in Gujarati, and kurmura in Marathi. It is taste-neutral, light, and white in colour. Indian households frequently utilise it to prepare snacks like bhel puri, sukhi bhel, murmura combination, and chivda. An Indian snack mix or spicy trail mix is called chivda or namkeen. The ingredients and recipe for chivda can differ depending on the locale.

The major ingredient in chivdaa, which can be either oats, cornflakes, rice flakes, or puffed rice, is typically a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, other fried crispy foods, and spices and curry leaves. I'm giving a recipe for murmura chivda in the Maharashtrian manner today.  This chivda is made with puffed rice, split-roasted chickpeas, roasted peanuts, and is spiced with curry leaves, green chile, and basic spices. It is a far healthier and tastier alternative to purchasing pre-made alternatives like diet bhel, lemon bhel, sukhi bhel, or other puffed rice snacks. It is a really basic and straightforward dish that comes together in less than 30 minutes.

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What Will Inspire You To This Recipe

  • It's easy and basic. 
  • It is quick, assembling in 20 minutes. 
  • extremely tasty and compelling 
  • Healthy, gluten-free, and vegan 
  • at ambient temperature, a long shelf life 
  • Excellent with tea or as snacks when travelling. 
  • ideal for a flavorful Diwali faral.


Puffed rice: are murmura, mamra, and kurmura. It serves as the recipe's foundation. Similar to the rice crispies cereal, it is white, puffed, and light, but its flavour is unflavored and unsweetened. Murmura of Basmati rice was utilised. These are offered online and at grocery stores in India.

Nuts: I've roasted raw peanuts until they are crunchy. To reduce the time, use toasted peanuts. These give the chivda some protein and a pleasant crunch. You can also use cashews and coconut flakes as an alternative.

Split chickpeas that have been roasted: Dalia (daliya). They also provide a nice crunch. These are offered online and at grocery stores in India.

Spices & seasoning: To create chivda, you'll need basic tempering components like turmeric, curry leaves, asafoetida, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and zeera. If you want to make it less spicy, you can omit or reduce the green chilies. Sugar and salt are used to flavour food and provide a hint of sweetness.

Oil is used to temper. Use neutral, flavourless vegetable or canola oil.

Step By Step Procedure 

1 - Dry roast the puffed rice on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until crispy (approximately 3-5 mins). One puffed rice should crush easily between your thumb and index finger when tested, producing a crisp, crunchy sound. Transfer to a sizable dish or clean plate. Set apart.

Puffed rice can be roasted, but doing so will help it stay beautiful and crispy for longer.

2 - Heat oil in the same pan (clean it if necessary), then add peanuts. until the peanuts are brown and crispy, saute on medium heat (approximately 3-5 mins). Transfer to the bowl with the puffed rice after draining.

3 - After that, add the split chickpeas and cook them until they're just beginning to turn golden (approximately 2-3 mins).

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4 - Drain and add to the bowl with the peanuts and puffed rice. Set apart.

5 - Add the mustard seeds to the same pan with the oil over medium heat. Due to the roasting of the peanuts, the oil may appear little stained, but that is okay.

6 - Add the cumin seeds, asafoetida (hing), curry leaves, and green chile once the seeds begin to sputter. If you are too close when adding the green chile, it could make you sneeze and cough.

7 - Continue cooking until the green chile and curry leaves are crispy.

8 - Lower the heat and add the turmeric.

9 - Continue to cook the turmeric for a few seconds. Keep it from burning.

10 - Add salt, sugar, split chickpeas, and roasted murmura to the mixture.

11 - Gently stir the mixture until it is thoroughly covered and crispy. It will change into a lovely shade of yellow.  To avoid the mixture burning, turn off the heat and continue mixing for a few minutes after you have done so.

12 - Spicy Puffed Rice Mixture, also known as Murmura Chivda, is ready!

Suggestions For Serving and Storage 

Before putting the puffed rice chivda in an airtight container, let it cool fully. It lasts 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature before going bad.  With chai or coffee, serve it room temperature as is. It also works well as a lunchbox and travel snack.

For a quick answer to your chaat desire, top this chivda with onion, tomato, potato, and a squeeze of lemon juice! You can also use it as the base for bhel puri! You should eat the mixture right away because adding any type of vegetable may cause it to become mushy.

Recipes Guide 

For this recipe, use crisp, fresh, high-quality puffed rice. Even puffed rice that hasn't expired occasionally becomes stale, squishy, and develops an unpleasant odour after being stored for a while.

To make soft puffed rice crunchy once more, dry roast the grains of rice. The puffed rice is twice roasted, once before tempering and once more while tempering, to prolong the crispiness of the chivda.  Green chiles and curry leaves should be cooked till crispy. Their shelf life is extended as a result.  This recipe is simple to double. You can either prepare a big amount to share with your loved ones or preserve it in an airtight container.

To suit your tastes, alter the spice amounts. If you like your puffed rice chivda light, omit the chile or use only half of it. Add two chilies or (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) red chilli powder with salt and sugar at the very end if you want it hot. Red chilli powder shouldn't be added to heated oil since it burns quickly.

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