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Murmura Chivda or Kurmura chivda is actually a tasty Indian treat created with puffed rice, sauce leaves behind, flavors, and peanuts. This crunchy and hot puffy rice recipe is basic, very easy, as well as gets performed in lower than 30mins. It is actually a healthy and balanced, vegetarian, and also gluten-free treat that can easily be actually appreciated as a tea-time treat or as a Diwali snack food (faral)! Diwali is simply around the bend and if you are seeking to make a quick, straightforward, full-flavored treat, try this murmura chivda recipe.

Kurmura or Murmura Chivda is actually a very basic, crunchy, and also easy-to-make snack that converges in less than 30 mins and also is actually tremendously habit forming.

What Is Actually Murmura Chivda

Murmura (or Muri) is actually blown rice in English, Kurmura in Marathi, and Mamra in Gujarati. It is white in shade, light in weight and neutral to flavor. It is actually often made use of in Indian residences to help make treats like bhel puri or sukhi bhel, murmura blend, or Chivda.

Chivda or Namkeen is an Indian snack food combination or a zesty trail mix. Depending on the area the chivda dish as well as substances can easily differ. Typically, Chivdaa is a mix of completely dry fruit products, almonds, some much more fried crunchy active ingredients and the cornerstone which may be either cereals, cornflakes, rice flakes, or even blew rice tossed all together and also tempered with seasonings as well as curry leaves.

Today I am discussing a Maharashtrian type murmura chivda recipe.

This chivda is made along with puffed rice, baked peanuts, broke roasted chickpeas, tempered along with basic flavors, environment-friendly chili, and also curry fallen leaves. It is actually a easy and really simple dish that happens with each other in much less than 30 mins time and also is a much more healthy and also more delicious choice than acquiring bought models like diet bhel, lemon bhel, sukhi bhel, or various other puffy rice treats.

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Why You Will Certainly Adore This Dish

  • It is actually easy as well as easy
  • Its fast, converges in 20 minutes
  • Addicting and also very delicious
  • Healthy and balanced, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Lengthy service life at space temperature
  • Great as snacks while journeying, or even along with chai
  • Perfect for savory Diwali Faral.

Murmura Chivda - Spicy Puffed Rice

Substances for Murmura Chivda (spicy blown rice) 

Puffed Rice: It is actually likewise referred to as murmura, mamra, or kurmura. It is actually the base of the recipe. It is white colored, puffy, lightweight like rice crispies grain yet neutral in preference i.e. with no flavoring or even glucose. I have utilized Basmati murmura. These are actually on call in Indian grocery store shops and online.

Nuts: I have actually made use of raw peanuts and after that baked all of them up until crunchy. You can easily use baked peanuts to reduce the opportunity. These incorporate protein and also a good problem to the chivda. Alternatively cashews and also coconut scabs may also be actually used.

Cooked split chickpeas: Additionally called dalia (daliya). They additionally include a great problem. These are accessible in Indian food store and online.

Spices as well as seasoning: This chivda dish needs general toughening up ingredients like Mustard seeds (rai), cumin seeds (zeera), asafoetida (hing), green chilies (skip or even reduce to create it much less hot), sauce leaves behind, and also turmeric extract. Sodium and sweets are utilized for flavor and incorporate a touch of sweetness.

Oil: For tempering. Usage neutral tasteless oil like canola, grease.

Detailed Procedure

Prepare Work 

1. In a sizable or even heavy-bottomed frying pan dry out roast the puffy rice on medium-low warmth till they are crunchy (approximately 3-5 minutes). Examination by pulverizing one puffed rice between your thumb as well as mark hands and also it ought to pulverize simply with a vigorous crunchy sound. Roasting puffy rice is actually optionally available however suggested to guarantee the puffy rice keeps good and crunchy longer.

2. In the same skillet, (clean down if needed to have), warm oil as well as incorporate peanuts. Saute on tool warmth till the peanuts turn crispy and gold (about 3-5 minutes). Move as well as drain pipes to the bowl with puffed rice.

3. Next, add split chickpeas as well as saute them until gently gold (about 2-3 mins).

4. Drain and transmission to the bowl with blown rice and peanuts. Always keep apart.

How To Make Murmura Chivda

5. In the very same frying pan as well as oil, on channel warmth, add mustard seeds. The oil might appear a little discolored as a result of to roasting peanuts however that is great.

6. Once the seeds begin spluttering, incorporate cumin seeds, asafoetida (hing), curry leaves, and eco-friendly chili. Be actually cautious when you include the eco-friendly chili, if you are actually extremely shut it could induce sneezing and coughing.

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7. Sauté till the sauce leaves and green chili crisp up.

8. Switch the warmth to reduced and also incorporate turmeric

9. Saute the turmeric continuously for a couple of few seconds. Do certainly not permit it burn.

10. Mix in roasted murmura, peanuts, divided chickpeas, alongside sodium as well as glucose.

11. Mix delicately up until the mixture is actually effectively coated and also crispy. It will definitely become a good yellowish colour. Shut down the warm, keep mixing even after the warmth is actually shut off for yet another number of mins to avoid the mixture from burning.

12. Crispy, firm, and also spicy Murmura Chivda (Spicy Puffed Rice Mix) is ready! Kurmura Chivdaa (fiery puffed rice combination) offered in a black dish along with a smaller bowl and cup of chai on edge

Storing And Also Serving Suggestions

Make it possible for the puffed rice chivda to cool entirely prior to storing it in an air-tight compartment. It stays fresh at area temperature for 3-4 weeks.

Provide it as goes to space temperature level with chai or even coffee. It also produces a fantastic snack for trip and also lunchbox. Alternately you can use this chivda as a foundation for bhel puri or offer covered along with onion, tomato, white potato, and also a capture of lemon extract for that easy solution chaat desire! Note that adding any sort of veggies can easily produce the mix soggy, thus consume immediately


  • Use top quality, new and crispy puffed rice for this recipe. At times even unexpired puffed rice may go smooth, stagnant, as well as have a distressing scent resting long in the packing.
  • Dry roast the puffy rice to help make soft puffed rice crunchy once again.
  • Double roasting the puffed rice, just before toughening and also along with tempering ensures the chivda stays crunchy much longer.
  • Saute sauce leaves behind as well as eco-friendly chilies until crunchy. This aids boost their life span.
  • This recipe may be easily multiplied. You can create a big set for showing family and friends or store it in an air-tight container.
  • If you favor the puffed rice chivda moderate avoid or make use of merely half chili. Perform not include reddish chili particle in hot oil as it sheds quickly.

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Murmura Chivda or even Kurmura chivda is a tasty Indian snack food made with blown rice, sauce leaves, flavors, and peanuts. Puffed rice: It is actually additionally understood as mamra, kurmura, or even murmura. It is actually white colored, puffed, light-weight like rice crispies grain but neutral in preference i.e. without any type of flavor or even glucose. 1 - In a huge wok or even heavy-bottomed pan dry roast the puffed rice on medium-low warmth till they are crunchy (roughly 3-5 mins). If you prefer the puffed rice chivda mild bypass or even make use of merely half chili.

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