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Crispy fried potatoes are thrown in a flavorful garlic, onion, and tomato masala sauce for these simple masala fries. A tasty appetizers that just takes a few minutes to prepare. Made using cupboard staples and a fraction of the time it takes to get Indian takeout chips! 

What Exactly are Masala Chips? 

Masala fries are one of the most popular comfort foods in the world. For fakeaway evenings or hurried weekday meals, these must-try party snacks are a must. 

For this dish, we normally use ready-to-eat frozen chips. They can be deep-fried, air-fried, or baked to golden perfection. If you want to create your own chips, you can use fresh potatoes from your own garden.

When we go to Indian eateries, I always order masala fries. C. Crispy fries with a spicy masala taste are difficult to resist. I put it to the test at home, and my family loved it. I'm overjoyed that my masala fries are so much better than takeout and so simple to make. In this post, I'll show you how to prepare masala fries with sauce, as seen on Indian takeout menus.

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What Distinguishes These Chips From Others?

  • For every occasion, this is a great beginning or party snack.
  • It's very simple and quick to create at home with pantry staples. 
  • Faster, healthier, and more delicious than ordering takeout. 
  • When you prepare it at home, you can tailor the spices to your preferences, and it's also more cost effective! 
  • It's quite fulfilling and addictive. I'm unstoppable in my want to take another mouthful!

We Require The Following Ingredients. 

  • Masala chips' components are clearly labeled. 
  • Potato Chips - For this quick and easy dish, we normally use ready-to-eat frozen chips. Feel free to use any fresh potatoes, sweet potatoes, or French fries that you choose. 

  • Shallot onion, garlic, crushed chillies, turmeric, curry powder, black pepper, ketchup, salt, and water will be used to make the masala sauce. 
  • Curry powder (moderate or spicy) - Use your favorite curry powder. In this recipe, we use TESCO curry powder. Madras curry powder is very delicious. Use half a teaspoon of garam masala instead of one teaspoon. Because garam masala has a stronger flavor than curry powder, it should be used instead. 
  • Chili - I use dried crushed chili flakes, but paprika powder or chili powder can be used. To taste, adjust the quantity of chili. 
  • Garnish with fresh chili slices and chopped coriander.

How do you manufacture it? 

  • To begin, fry the chips or bake them in the oven until golden and crispy, as directed on the package. 
  • Sauté the onion and garlic in a large nonstick wok/pan over low-medium heat until light brown. 
  • The spices, turmeric, curry powder, black pepper, and dried chilli flakes, are then added. Saute for a few seconds, until the mixture is aromatic. 
  • Combine tomato ketchup, salt, and water in a mixing bowl. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sauce thickens. 
  • When the masala sauce is finished, throw in the fried potato chips to evenly coat everything. 
  • Remove the pan from the heat and top with chopped coriander and chilli slices. Serve quickly while the food is still hot. 

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  • For a speedy outcome, use oven chips or ready-to-eat frozen chips. 
  • If you want to make your own potato fries, blanch the chopped potatoes for 4 minutes in boiling water, then drain and dry for a few minutes. Then deep fry till golden brown in high oil, or spray with cooking oil and bake in a preheated oven. 
  • Combine the masala sauce with the crisp, freshly fried/baked chips while they are still warm. 
  • If you want to make the sauce ahead of time or for a crowd, prepare it in a large amount, reheat it, then combine it with the frozen chips right before serving. 
  • Warming the masala fries is not recommended, however you can try reheating them in a preheated oven or air fryer for 4-5 minutes or till hot.


What is the flavor of masala fries? 

Crispy golden fried potato chips topped with a flavorful Indian masala sauce with a spicy, tangy curry flavor. 

What is the finest curry powder for masala chips? 

As this is a highly adaptable recipe, use any mild or hot curry powder like Madras, Chaat Masala, or Garam Masala powder. 

Is it possible to utilise French fries? 

French fries, straight cut, chunky chips, or even curly fries are all good options. Deep fry, bake, or air cook the chips as directed on the package. 

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What should I serve with this? 

You may eat it on its own as an appetiser or combine it with other curry dishes for a complete meal. We normally don't use a dipping sauce because the chips have already been stirred with the sauce. If you enjoy dipping sauces, try garlic sauce, yoghurt, mayonnaise, or a spicy or mild chilli sauce, depending on your preferences.

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