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These Peri Peri Fries are actually impressive. Crunchy french fries, sprayed along with an easy-to-make at-home peri flavoring. They are actually lightly spiced, a little delicious, and also a little bit of salty, altogether, the perfect fry (or chip)! These peri-peri fries may be provided with simply concerning just about anything! Or create them as a movie night snack food for the kids (be certain to conserve a part for on your own!

You can use bought frosted fries for this or even snatch a handful of potato, and also our experts'll speak about just how to make your very own. Regardless, the key is the peri seasoning, which contains a couple of natural herbs as well as spices that you are going to perhaps have in your cupboard, as well as or even, they are actually all easily available at the convenience store.

What kind of potatoes are well for french fries?

You prefer a dense potato that is actually higher in carbohydrate. The starch is going to offer you a nice fluuffy inner parts. While choosing a heavy potato with quite little bit of moisture will certainly produce it easier to obtain a crispy outside.

I will recommend:

  • Russet potatoes (Idaho).
  • King Edward potatoes.
  • Yukon Gold potatoes.
  • Desiree Potatoes.
  • Sebago Potatoes.
  • Reddish Satisfy Potatoes.
  • a french fry dealt with in sauce in a bowl of french fries.

Let's Speak Peri Peri Seasoning

I have an entire post on making your very own peri spices -you may examine it out listed here. As a simple recap, you are going to require:

  • Sweets.
  • Paprika.
  • Red onion Particle.
  • Garlic Powder.
  • Ground Cilantro.
  • Salt.
  • Dried Oregano.
  • Dried Parsley.
  • Ground Ginger.
  • Ground Cardamon.
  • Smoked Paprika.
  • Chili pepper.

I recognize that is a long checklist however they can easily all be actually located in the convenience store! As well as when you have your spices combined up you'll be utilizing everything the time! (sum totals may be located below).

You mix all of them all up, come the flavoring in an airtight jar, and also you are actually good to go. You can use it for these fries, plus make your very own peri chick. You'll locate many various methods to use this flavoring mix!

Making Peri French Fries (Peri Peri Chips)

French fries are the supreme edge dish!

Like I said in the guide, you can easily serve all of them along with nearly anything, plus the youngsters consistently adore them. That is why there is always a packet of frozen french fries in my fridge! They create an easy edge meal, as well as when joined mixed greens or veg, I do not feel the least little bit of shame at providing all of them!! For these Peri french fries, you can snatch the bag of frosted fries/chips, or even you can easily make your own. Each are actually scrumptious. One is simpler for hectic weeknights, and the other methods you can modify up the white potato to suit your household. Peri sweet potato fries any individual???

For truly crunchy yet cosy homemade french fries you wish to saturate the whites potato in chilly water for at the very least 15 mins. This assists to eliminate a number of the carbohydrate as well as offers you a much fluffier inside! Be sure to dry out the potatoes effectively before finish all of them in oil.

When the whites potato have soaked, pre-heat your stove. This is crucial to getting crispy gold fries (whether you are producing your very own or even making use of frosted).
Empty, wash and also dry the potatoes, layer in oil and set out in a singular coating on your baking sheets. Cook for 35-40 moments, till the whites potato are prepared via. The essential to making this delicious side is actually to coat the contribute the flavoring as quickly as you remove all of them coming from the oven. This method, it takes in right into the oil and sticks to the chip/fry.

You prepare the whites potato in the stove until soft and also cosy within and also crispy as well as gold on the exterior. Toss all of them along with the flavoring provide and also mix. a blue as well as white steel bowl loaded with french fries and also sauce.

Can you cook french fries in the air fryer?

You sure can !!! Whether you produce your french fries or utilize icy french fries, these may be cooking in the air fryer!
Heat energy the air fryer to 375ºF/ 190ºC as well as cook the fries in batches for 13-15 mins till cooked by means of.
Maintain each set in the oven to always keep cozy while you finish the food preparation.
The moment prepared, shake along with the spices mix in the exact same technique.
Full sky fryer details in the dish card listed below.

Peri Peri Fries


  • For Homemade fries.
  • 4 huge whites potato - view details 1 & 2.
  • 1/4 cup oil - view note 3.
  • If making use of Frozen Fries. 
  • 1 pound frosted french fries - view note 2.
  • Spices.
  • 3 tbsp Peri-peri spices - Dish below ALSO view note 4.


For homemade french fries in oven/air fryer (See listed below for frosted fries).

  1. Slice the whites potato in to dense cuts and after that partitioned even-sized french fries. 4 huge potatoes.
  2. Move to a big dish and cover with cold water. Entrust to saturate for a minimum of 15 minutes, but you may leave all of them for a couple of hours.

Stove Cooking Food

  1. Preheat the stove to 430ºF/ 220 ° C.
  2. Drainpipe and also rinse the whites potato, then dry effectively on a clean tea towel.
  3. Location the potatoes in a completely dry dish and also pour over the oil. 1/4 cup of your selected oil.
  4. Transform the whites potato with your hands until they are all evenly covered.
  5. Place pair of baking sheets in the oven to heat up.
  6. Take out the holders coming from the stove and line them with cooking paper.
  7. Cook the potatoes in between to bottom of the oven for 35-40 minutes, till the potatoes are actually prepared by means of, and gold and crispy outside. (Depending on your stove, you may require to shift the holders over halfway via cooking food.).
  8. Clear away the potatoes coming from the stove, suggestion right into a bowl, and sprinkle along with the peri seasoning mix while they are actually still warm. 3 tablespoon peri seasoning.

Air Fryer Cooking

  1. Pre-heat your sky fryer to 375ºF/ 190ºC and also your stove to 200ºF/ 90ºC.
  2. Run off and wash the whites potato, then dry out effectively on a well-maintained herbal tea towel.
  3. Spot the potatoes in a dry out dish and flood the oil. 1/4 cup of your picked oil.
  4. Turn the potatoes with your hands until they are all uniformly layered.
  5. Add the very first set of fries to the base of the sky fryer container, making certain not to pile all of them on leading of each other.
  6. Prepare for 15 minutes up until crunchy as well as golden brownish.
  7. Area the prepared fries on a rack on a flat pan.
  8. Place in the warm oven, as well as while you prepare, the other batches of fries are actually cooking.
  9. The moment you are actually done with all the potatoes, eliminate them coming from the oven, idea in to a bowl, as well as sprinkle with the peri-peri seasoning mix while they are still scorching. 3 tablespoon peri spices.

For Frozen French Fries (Check out over for homemade french fries).

  1. Cook the french fries as per the packet directions.
  2.  1lb/450g frosted fries.
  3. To take advantage of your icy fries, preheat your oven/air fryer and also do not permit the french fries to defrost ahead of time.
  4. If you can, bake the frosted fries on an oven rack to guarantees they cook uniformly.
  5. As soon as cooked, spray with the peri flavoring blend and also provide. 3 tablespoon peri spices.

Keep in minds.

  1. Yukon Gold, Russet, Sebago, Reddish Joy, King Edward or even Desiree whites potato are actually all excellent for making fries/hot chips.
  2. You may create your own french fries using the guidelines, or for a quicker substitute make use of frozen French french fries.
  3. I make use of peanut oil for making french fries but you can sub with olive oil/canola oil/vegetable oil/sunflower oil/melted coconut oil.
  4. You may get peri-peri flavoring in the supermarket, or even produce your own set up using my dish. You can observe it listed below or read through the full post below - homemade peri-peri seasoning dish.


These Peri french fries are actually amazing. Crispy fries, sprinkled along with an easy-to-make at-home peri spices. You can utilize it for these fries, plus create your personal peri poultry. They create an effortless side dish, and also when coupled with tossed salad or veg, I don't believe the smallest little bit of regret at offering all of them!!

For these Peri fries, you can grab can easily snatch of frozen fries/chipsFrosted or you can make can easily create. Peri pleasant potato fries any person???

For really crispy truly crunchy homemade fries you french fries to yearn for the potatoes in cold water for at least 15 minutes.

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