Five Special Sweets of Odisha

Typically, Odisha's Sweet is less oily than thus easy to absorb. The wealthy diversity of Odia kitchen can easily be actually well observed in the everyday food items offered to Lord Jagannath in Puri. The planet's most extensive kitchen area, of Jagannath Holy place, chefs 56 various assortments of meals which are understood as "Chappan Bhoga".

Aside from the main program specials, Odisha is additionally well-known for its own mouthwatering sweets. There are actually various sorts of sweet dishes which have specifically come from Odisha. Today, our experts bring before you some of the popular sugary foods coming from the Land of Jagannath.

1. Chhena Poda

Chhena Poda is made of cheese, sugar, cashew, raisins and cardamoms. Chhena poda is gentle and also very appetizing. It is thought that the origin of Chhena Poda is in Nayagarh district of Odisha during the course of the initial half of 20th century.

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2. Rasabali

Rasabali is a deeper fried smoothed reddish brownish cheese patty that is saturated in thickened and sweetened milk. The dairy is actually often lightly seasoned along with smashed cardamoms. Celebrity is actually flattened into palm measurements permitting all of them to take in the dairy extra readily. Rasabali is actually so smooth that it merges the oral cavity within a second. Rasabali emerged coming from Kendrapada. It is actually offered to God Balabhadra in the Balabhadra Holy Place of Kendrapada. Baisnabipanda Shop in Kendrapada is the very best location to possess tasty Rasabali.

3. Rasagulla

This traditional Odia delightful is given to goddess Lakshmi throughout Ratha Yatra (chariot event). Rasagulla is helped make of Chhena, which is cooked in sugar syrup. The level of popularity of this sweet brought about the Odisha authorities to proclaim July 30 as the Rasagulla Dibasa.

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4. Chhena Gaja

A trademark sweets of Odisha, it is readied through blending cheese, glucose as well as semolina. It is actually provided dry out however the glucose crystals remain on the area of the completely dry delicious.

5. Chhena Jhili

This special delightful is actually prepped with panned fry cheese, cardamom ghee, particle and sweets syrup. Chhena Jhili is actually essentially a strong deep-fried cottage cheese patty, saturated in sugar syrup. It is actually absolute best eaten warm to experience the soft, succulent cheesiness with the backdrop of a little bit of cardamom style. Nimapada, a little community in Puri area is well-known for Chhena Jhili. You are going to find different road side stores in Nimapada while visiting Puri from Bhubaneswar which are specifically popular for Chhena Jhilli.

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Finest Sweet Shops of Odisha

Pahala Sweet Delays (14 km from Biju Pattnaik airport in Bhubaneswar).
Nimapada Sweet Slows (40 kilometres from Bhubaneswar).
Bikalanadakara Outlet (in Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar).
Damamaharaj Outlet (in Nayapali, Bhubaneswar as well as Link Street, Cuttack).
Bhagan Sahoo Store (in Kanikachawk, Cuttack)


Every foodie out there certainly recognizes that meals is actually not complete without a dessert. Generally, Odisha's food is actually much less oily than hence easy to digest. The wealthy range of Odia kitchen space may be actually best observed in the regular food items provided to Lord Jagannath in Puri. The planet's largest kitchen area, of Jagannath Temple, prepares 56 various wide arrays of foods which are actually understood as "Chappan Bhoga".

It is actually felt that the origin of Chhena Poda is in Nayagarh area of Odisha in the course of the initial fifty percent of 20th century.

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