Devgad Alphonso Mango Got Its Very Own GI Tag

The Alphonso is the absolute most enjoyed mango, and generally it is made in the Southern location of Maharashtra Konkan. Lately, the Alphonso mango succeeded its own geographical indicator (GI) tag. Together with Alphonso coming from the place of Ratnagiri, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, and Sindhudurg areas of the Maharashtra location the area of the sort of mango (Konkan) may be professed.

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Alphonso is the master of all kinds of mangoes as well as in Maharashtra, it is also known as Hapus. Nowadays, its demand in both domestic and international markets is really high due to its own lively colour and pleasing taste. For several years, it is the absolute most well-known mango in the planet and also is being transported to many nations consisting of Europe, Korea, as well as Asia.

Efforts to Give GI Tag to Devgad Alphonso Mangos from All Portion Of Country
Earlier it was prepared to approve GI tag only to the Alphonso mangoes of Konkan Maharashtra. Alphonso mango is grown in various areas of India including Konkan, Pune, and Valsad. Efforts were needed to take the Devgad mangoes under GI tagging coming from throughout the nation, to steer clear of any bias typically the export of these mangoes from various other states was supposed to become impacted adversely.

The secretary of South Gujrat Meals Processors, Suraj Savalia showed his displeasure after the selection of GI tags for Konkan region merely. Moreover, he stated that this mango is expanded all of over India, thus all individuals should be actually receiving advantages at an equal amount.

The Devgad Alphonso mangoes are brought under the GI marking after ten years of difficult driving efforts. A board member (Omkar Sapre) of Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit claimed in a claim that the panel is certainly not happy as the GI tag is actually simply for the Alphonso location. He pointed out that our team additionally prefer GI tag for Ratnagiri Alphonso, and Devgad Alphonso, which are specific types of the district and have been approved by the GI authority at the beginning of the year.

Due to countless efforts of Omkar Sapre a notification was published for awarding the GI tag to Devgad Alphonso mango, and will also be published in the GI's journal, and finally, it will be awarded after two months when all the mandatory objections will be over.

GI an Indicator of Quality, Distinctiveness and Individual Recognition
GI is used for indicating the specific origin in terms of geographical dimensions for defining the quality of products having a specific origin in an area. A good example in this aspect is Basmati rice that is a native type of rice in the northwest of Himalayas' foothills. The ministry of commerce has explained in a statement that the GI tag is specifically used for assuring the distinctiveness and quality that is a major tribute to the geographical area.

Union minister of commerce and industry has launched tagline and logo for Indian geographical indication. He also stated that there will be a rightful share of GI in the intellectual property to the place and artisan of this unique and best quality product.

India is also a member of the world trade organization (WTO), so according to the registration and protection act of 1999, the good quality mangoes can easily make their distinct place in the world market. In this way, India can earn more name, fame, and money by exporting this kind of mangoes. Under Article 22( 1) the GIs have been properly defined for the intellectual property rights and trade-related aspects. The proper definition of GI under the light of these articles is stated as below.

" Indications for identification of good origin in the specific place of a member, or in the local region of a territory where the reputation, characteristics, and quality of specific goods or items is directly attributed to its specific geographical origin".

Reduced Falsification and Enhanced Customer's Satisfaction

Many people are selling Devgad Alphonso mangoes mainly from some other parts of various Indian states, but they are falsely claiming it as Devgad. The GI tag is a strong indication that the uniqueness and quality of this mango are verified after necessary tests by the expert committee of government.

Now all the mango growers belonging to the Sindhudurg can use this specific GI tag. Some people won't mind paying some more amount for this Devgad alphonso mango if they are provided with the original taste and quality.


Due to the GI tag, the marketing of Alphonso will be significantly improved both in national and international markets. Its price is somewhat premium as compared to other breeds of mangos but this price worth the quality and uniqueness of Alphonso mango. People will get only the taste and quality for which they are paying.

Recently, the Alphonso mango won its geographical indication (GI) tag. Earlier it was planned to grant GI tag only to the Alphonso mangoes of Konkan Maharashtra. Efforts were taken to bring the Devgad mangoes under GI tagging from all over the country, to avoid any discrimination otherwise the export of these mangoes from other states was supposed to be affected negatively.

The Devgad Alphonso mangoes are brought under the GI tagging after 10 years of hard pushing efforts. Its price is somewhat premium as compared to other breeds of mangos but this price worth the quality and uniqueness of Alphonso mango.

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