Chana Dal Namkeen - Recipe By Alfa Foods

Know how to make roasted chana dal namkeen at property along with easy actions. Chana dal is actually a salty, crispy as well as spicy treat created from soaked chana dal. Have an enjoyable snack food time.

Concerning the Recipe

Roasted Chana dal is a salty, scandalous as well as crispy treat created coming from split chickpeas or bengal gram (chana dal), very identical to the haldiram's panned fry dal. Chana dal is tasty, nutritious and simply summed up. If you have besan (chana dal powder), make an effort out the Instantaneous Besan Dosa
or even the Besan Tribute recipe.

What's the occasion?

Roasted Chana Dal is a remarkable tea opportunity snack food particularly for somebody that loves spicy flavor. You can also prepare this the moment in breakthrough as well as retail store it for usage in the future.

Exactly how to prepare?


  • 2 mugs chana dal
  • 1/2 tsp baking soft drink
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder
  • 1/2 tsp black sodium
  • 1 teaspoon chaat masala or even amchur powder
  • Sodium to taste
  • Oil for deep panning fry

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  • Wash as well as soak chana dal along with baking soft drink mixed in it for 7-8 hours or through the night.
  • When saturated drain the water making use of a sieve and clean the dal along with water and also tap dry out it utilizing a home kitchen towel.
  • Heat energy oil in a pan, when the oil is actually scorching sufficient. Take some chana dal in a filter ladle spoon, involve in the warm oil.
  • Fry chana dal, rousing with a spoon till sharp and gold. Eliminate the excess oil as well as drain on an absorptive newspaper as well as fry the rest of it.
  • While the seared dal is actually warm sufficient. Sprinkle red chilli grain, chaat masala, black sodium, and sodium on it. Mix completely up until equally layered.
  • Outlet in an impermeable compartment once it cools.

Take note

  • If you do not add cooking soda while saturating, the dal ends up being hard when panned fry.
  • You can easily prep masoor dal namkeen and moong dal namkeen making use of the very same technique.
  • You can disperse the dals over a cotton cloth for half an hour. It soaks the excess water as well as avoids the dal from catching while panning fry.
  • Change the seasonings according to flavor.
  • You can easily create chana dal bhel- Mix chana dal, chopped onion, tomato, eco-friendly chilli, lemon, coriander leaves and also sev.


Utilize this fine filter spoon with handle for panning fry. It is going to assist you to get rid of Chana dal coming from hot oil conveniently. Merely put the chana dal in the sieve ladle and also immerse the screen in scorching oil as well as fry.

Know how to create roasted chana dal namkeen at property with basic measures. Chana dal is a salty, crispy and also scandalous snack created from soaked chana dal. Roasted Chana dal is actually a salty, spicy and crunchy snack food created coming from split chickpeas or bengal gram (chana dal), very identical to the haldiram's seared dal. Roasted Chana Dal is an impressive tea opportunity treat especially for an individual that really loves spicy taste. Just put the chana dal in the screen spoon and also immerse the sieve in warm oil and fry.

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