Best Namkeen Brands in India - 10 Best Namkeen Brands

In India, snacks are truly an art. What is the first nation that comes to mind when you think of eating something flavorful and crispy? India! Why not, then? We Indians adore namkeens, samosas, and sweets — in other words, any kind of snack that will fill us up. There is no denying that they have good taste. Indians adore their snacks so much that they go out of their way to buy them from the best brands because if the flavour isn't good, why bother? That's what you'd say, right?

If you're looking for some delicious namkeens, look no further because we've compiled a list of some of the top namkeen brands in India just for you!

Define Namkeen

Namkeens are any salty meals that fall under this category. Namkeen is a Hindi phrase derived from the word Namak, which meaning "salt." There are many different snacks on the market for namkeen lovers in India.

Why is Namkeen such a popular in India?

India has a wide range of delectable foods to satisfy every palate! Its sweet and salty delights come in a huge variety of flavours and are popular all over the world! Items like namkeen, for instance, have given Indian taste buds a new flavour. You'll want to return and give it another go because the flavour is so distinctive and delectably excellent.

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India's Best Namkeen Brands

In the past, Indians have enjoyed a wide variety of sweets and namkeens. Spices and desserts have been a part of Indian cuisine since the beginning of time. Indian sweets and namkeens are well known and enjoyed by people all over the world.

1. Haldiram's

With headquarters in Delhi and Nagpur, Haldiram is one of the top brands in the Indian namkeen (savoury snacks) and sweets sector. In 1937, Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal started it. They have been a family-owned company for more than 80 years, but that hasn't stopped them from undertaking extensive value-based global expansion. They provide a variety of creative products, including mouthwateringly good snacks

2. Bikano  (Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd)

Since the brand's inception, Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd has stayed committed to its goal of gratifying customers. They have a large selection of food items and make exquisite sweets and namkeens. They have gained popularity because they offer wholesome cuisine at affordable prices. These new methods will help them realise their objective of giving customers the best experience possible each time they consume Bikanervala products, which is to make their sweet more enduring and delicious.

3. Mukharochak 

One of India's top combo brand names is Mukharochak. Every home in Bengal has access to Mukharochak's Chiwra, Bikaneri Bhujia, and Aloo Bhujia, which deliver a delectable swinging pleasure.

4. NutKhat Namkeen 

One of the first and most reliable namkeen brands in India is Nutkhat Namkeen, which was acquired by Janta Wafers in 1954. When it comes to hygienic and superior culinary goods, Nutkhat namkeen is a brand you can rely on. The product has excellent packaging and a longer shelf life than others.

5. Kaleva  

Over a thousand unique namkeens, sweets, and other Indian snacks are available under the Kaleva brand. The food produced by Kaleva has a fantastic, rich Indian flavour. The company sells more than 350 different kinds of namkeen, as well as many more ladoos, Rasmalai, and other sweets.

6. Maakhanbhog

Your favourite candies, dried fruits, and snacks are perfect for bagging with makhanbhog! They serve as the corporate headquarters for one of India's top namkeens, food items, and other delectable treats. The Mahajarahs, or Indian monarchs, are the source of the brand's name. It is now regarded as India's top supplier of high-end food. Not only that, but Makhan Bhog is currently one of India's most well-known culinary brands!

7. Chandu Halwai from Punjab 

The quality of Chandu Halwai's sweets and namkeen is renowned around the world. Chandu Halwai is a well-known food production company with its headquarters in India. The company was founded in 1896 as a confectionery manufacturer. However, this company managed to retain its appeal among Indian customers by merging traditional items in only the tastiest ingredients, such as pure desi ghee. Additionally, by exporting their goods to other nations, they were able to increase the market for their goods.

8. Chappan Bhog 

The name Chappan Bhog is well-known in the namkeen and candy sector. They are dedicated to giving their customers high-quality culinary goods. A regal gathering with a variety of delicious delicacies took place during the Mahabharat era, which is when the Hindu name "Chappan Bhog" first appeared. They are making an effort to keep the original word. The company has been offering the best products since 1992. All of the materials used to create their items are new and of high quality.

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9. Kipps

Kipps is an Indian-based manufacturer of namkeen that sells delectable snacks for people of all ages. They produce a range of sweets and are based in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Kipps is one of the top namkeen brands in India and is outfitted with all kinds of manufacturing facilities. You won't be dissatisfied while purchasing snacks under this brand name, whether you require sweets or other kinds of snacks.

10. Prakash Namkeen  

One of the top namkeen brands in India is Prakash. Since the beginning, the public has been familiar with them. This namkeen brand was introduced in Indore and has since spread across the entire nation. It is one of those producers that constantly meets or exceeds customers' expectations while delivering a high-quality product.


Here, we've selected the top 10 namkeen brands in India in terms of popularity and quality. The Indian people have adored these namkeen brands for a long time and will do so for many more. People of all ages in India like eating namkeen, a common snack dish.

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