Aate Ki Chakli Recipe - Wheat Chakli Recipe - Gehu Ke Aate Ki Chakli

Gehu ke aate ki chakli along with detailed image as well as online video recipe. chakli or even murukku dishes have actually been just one of the favorite celebration snack foods throughout india. traditionally it is made along with rice flour and urad dal blend, but lately, there have been actually myriad varieties to this simple dish. one such healthy and easy variant is the aate ki chakli or wheat chakli understood for its crispness as well as scrumptious. effectively, i am not a big follower of alteration to the traditional recipe, but count on me i am a significant follower of this transformed or explored chakli dish.

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Obviously, the conventional one has its very own area as well as preference factor. but the ease and completion to finish time required to produce this dish deserves stating. having claimed that some might have the appointments regarding making a wheat-based chakli as some community or location limit wheat flour for celebration dishes. i don't possess any such constraints and i create it for nearly all celebrations. as a concern simple fact, i discover the wheat or grain flour dishes are a lot more thrifty and also money-saving yet making the same outcome. It is actually completely up to personal desire.

Some of the essential as well as crucial pointers, suggestions as well as variations for an excellent aate ki chakli recipe. I have actually steamed the wheat or grain flour as well as rice flour in a pressure stove without the whistle. Just before the steaming method, i have certainly not added any sort of moist active ingredients, particularly butter or even oil.


  •  2 cup wheat or grain flour/ atta
  •  1/4 cup rice flour
  •  1 tsp cumin/ jeera
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon kashmiri reddish chilli particle
  • squeeze hing/ asafoetida
  •  1 tsp sodium
  •  water (for kneading).
  •  oil (for searing).


  • First of all, take a bowl as well as location well-maintained cotton fabric.
  • Include 2 cup wheat or grain flour and 1/4 cup rice flour. cover firmly through folding the towel.
  • Location into the oven to steam for 15 minutes without placing on the whistle.
  • Right now open up the cooker and find the flour would certainly possess hardened.
  • Crack the swellings as well as filter to avoid any type of lumps. the flour needs to be actually tepid while siving.

  • Include 1 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp turmeric extract, 1 tablespoon chilli powder, squeeze hing and 1 tablespoon sodium.
  • Mix well producing certain the flavors are effectively blended.
  • Add 1/2 cup water and massaged the money.
  • Knead to a hassle-free and also delicate money adding water as called for.
  • Currently take celebrity mould and repair to the chakli producer.
  • Oil the chakli producer along with some oil. this protects against cash coming from adhering to mould.
  • Help make a round condition out of money as well as location the money inside the maker.
  • Tighten up the lid and also begin readying chaklis.
  • On the moist fabric or even butter newspaper create small spiral condition chaklis by pressing.
  • Secure completions to ensure that it does not fall apart while deep-seated frying.
  • Take one murukku at an opportunity and slide it right into the hot oil. or even cook in a preheated oven at 180-degree celsius for 15 mins.
  • Turn the murukku and fry on medium blaze till they transform crunchy from each edges.
  • In addition, drain over a paper towel to clear away excess oil.
  • Lastly, when cooled appreciate aate ki chakli or even store in an airtight compartment for 2 weeks.

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Keep in Minds

  • Firstly, heavy steam the flour properly to get soft and crispy chakli.
  • Perform not incorporate additional water while manipulating as chakli are going to tend to soak up oil.
  • in addition, fry on tool to low blaze to cook consistently because of inside.
  • ultimately, aate ki chakli recipe tastes terrific when provided with adrak tea.


The end and also the ease to finish time called for to make this dish is worth pointing out. Some of the critical as well as crucial suggestions, suggestions as well as variants for an ideal aate ki chakli recipe. I have steamed the wheat flour and also rice flour in a requirement stove without the sound. Just before the steaming process, i have not included any kind of wet active ingredients, specifically butter or even oil. While rich frying, rich fry these in tiny batches in a low to tool fire.

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