7 Healthy Evening Tea Time Chatpata Snacks You Can Enjoy With Your Family

Do you know that a nutritious evening tea chatpata snack might aid weight loss? 


Experts have begun to encourage eating teatime chatpata snacks because everyone is aiming to get fit and healthy these days. The rationale for this is that tea chatpata snacks might curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating at a meal. You've probably heard the term "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper," but the snacks are missing. 

To make your life easier and more delicious, we created a healthier version of some of your favorite teatime goodies. The goal was to present our clients with delectable, finger-licking evening tea treats that were also healthful.

Let's look at 7 of the greatest teatime chapata snack treats to share with your family: 

1. Desi Chakh Na  

A delightful and cracking combo pack. We decided to boost the ante on snacking time by creating a combination pack. Roasted bajra in DESi masala, soynut in DESi masala, and Bajra in Tangy Tomato taste make up this evening tea snack combination chakh-na pack. You can choose your flavor according to your mood and eat these. It's a fantastic present for everyone who believes in healthy munching. 

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2. Poha Chivda (Roasted Poha) 

Roasted Poha Chivda is a delicious teatime chatpata snack made with a few spices and nuts. It may be kept and utilized in containers again. This teatime chatpata snack may be included in your diet plan to fill your stomach with healthy and nutritious food. A nutritious evening tea chatpata snack is roasted poha chivda. Serve this as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee for you and your family or friends to enjoy while conversing.

3. Desi Masala with Roasted Soya Nuts 

A chatpata evening teatime snack made with a perfect blend of Indian spices including turmeric, chili, pepper, and coriander in the right proportions. Roasted Soutnut Desi Masala is a roasted soybean snack that isn't fried. Soybean is one of the greatest vegetarian protein sources, and when combined with Indian spices, it makes for an excellent evening teatime chatpata snack. Roasted Soynut Desi Masala from GO DESi is prepared with real spices to make teatime munching fun and delicious. 

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4. Jor Chana 

Chana jor is one of the most popular teatime chatpata snacks in Indian families. It's essentially roasted and seasoned chickpeas. Soaked chickpeas are dried, fried, and then flattened into little discs. Following the chickpeas. To provide Chana Jor taste and flavor, the freshly cut veggies are put together with Indian spices. It's incredibly light and tasty, and it's a great snack for after-dinner tea.

5. Chatpata Desi Roasted Bajra 

Bajra is a high-fiber meal that keeps you satisfied for extended periods of time. It's harder to refuse when this Bajra is blended with authentic Indian spices, making it a totally Chatpata Desi snack. It is simple to incorporate this chatpata snack into one's diet because it is light, highly healthful, and roasted. Roasted Bajra in Chatpata Desi from GO DESi is a delicious evening chatpata snack for you and your family. 

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6. Palak Dhokla & Oats 

Oats & Palak Dhokla can be eaten for breakfast or as a chatpata snack in the evening. It's essentially a formula that, through the fermentation process, reduces fat accumulation in the body. It also aids in the stimulation of our metabolism. This nutritious chatpata snack is both tasty and satisfying, and it may aid with weight loss. 

7. Tangy Bajra Tomato Roasted 

Roasted Bajra Tangy Tomato by GO DESi is made from Khatta Meetha Tomato and Bajra. After the two have been roasted, you'll have a sweet, sour, and spicy Tangy Tomato chatpata snack. It's 100 percent genuine and produced using Indian spices to meet today's sanitation standards. Bajra is high in fiber, which keeps your stomach full for longer, and the tangy tomato flavor is one you can't get enough of. As a result, your evening tea munchies will be tangy and delectable. 

The above are seven nutritious evening teas foods that you should start to include in your diet nowadays. It's critical to begin a diet with appropriate foods and teatime chatpata snacks since this is how the body adjusts. GO DESi is a company that sincerely believes in giving back to the individuals that create these things with such passion. So give these teatime goodies a try and make your day and life healthier and more enjoyable.

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