15 Easy & Quick Veg Party Appetizers

Before the main course, these are finger foods. These snacks would be ideal to serve at any cocktail parties or home gatherings. These delectable party-ready snacks will be a hit with everyone. These party appetisers come in both cheesy and entirely vegan varieties. Check out my list of 40+ vegan appetisers if you are strictly vegan. The good news is that these dishes are quite simple to prepare. Even you may prepare them well in advance and store them in the fridge for later use. These vegetarian appetisers can be prepared in advance.

These are simple to build and don't need any planning. In actuality, no fancy items are needed. These are made with common household items and vegetables. Additionally, any sauces and dips go nicely with these appetisers. To go with the appetisers, I make a sweet and sour Thai red sauce, a basic cilantro dip, and a spicy green coriander dip. 

15 Easy & Quick Veg Party Appetizers

Learn how to cook some tasty and delectable snacks at home quickly and easily. These appetisers are vegan and vegetarian as well.

1. Corn Chaat With Crips 

This BBQ Nation Style crispy corn chaat is prepared. This is simple as well, however you must be cautious when frying corn kernels. Then, it is simple to make and just takes a few minutes. This vegan appetiser is ideal for parties. This is great for my cocktail gatherings in particular.

2. Veg Seekh Kabab

A more nutritious appetiser or snack is a veggie seekh kabab. This vegan snack is served. We've packed the dish full of vegetables to produce delicious kabab. You will enjoy making this snack because it is once more simple and quick. serve with any sauce or a dip of cilantro.

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3. Potato Lollipop

One of the simplest and healthiest vegetarian party snacks you will find is the potato lollipop. Despite being really straightforward, this dish tastes fantastic. This has a crispy outside yet melts in your mouth within. To make it cheesy and tasty, add cheese, herbs, and spices. This delicious cheese lolly will be a hit with kids.

4. Hara Bhara Kabab 

As implied by the name, this one is green because it contains green vegetables. The fundamental ingredients are green spinach leaves and green peas. Potatoes are also utilised as a binding agent. Increase the amount of potatoes in the dish if you don't want extra greens. It has a tantalising flavour. One of the simplest recipes for party appetisers. Read my selection of the greatest spinach recipes for vegetarians here.

5. Paneer Corn Seekh Kabab 

One of my favourite appetisers is seekh kabab made with paneer and maize. Along with sweet corns, this also includes paneer twist. This paneer corn kabab is also one quick party appetizer. You can use the same ingredients to make burger or kabab. For optimum flavour, serve them with coriander-mint chutney. You may also offer your child a nice, healthy breakfast by stuffing the patty into hamburger buns. Or you could make them tiny balls or lollipops. This is incredibly adaptable.

6. Corn Kabab 

A simple and quick appetiser cooked with sweet corn is corn kabab. This can also be formed into patties. For any party, these are the ideal quick appetisers. They can be prepared in advance and then grilled, baked, or shallow fried as needed.

7. Soya Chunks Cutlet 

Soybeans come first when discussing vegetarian foods high in protein. This is a healthy food because it is high in fibre and protein. I frequently prepare these nutritious soy chunk cutlets for kid's lunchboxes. For my child, I also prepare burgers using these cutlets. incredibly simple to prepare and nutritious finger food. To make it extra healthy, add heaps of vegetables.

8. Paneer Hara Bhara Kabab 

Paneer burji, or crumbled paneer, fills this hara bhara kabab. The addition of paneer improved the flavour of the simple hara bhara kabab. The addition of paneer adds additional protein to this healthful snack. another fantastic finger food for kids.

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9. Veg Shammi Kabab 

Chickpeas are used to make the protein-rich appetiser known as Veg Shammi Kabab. Any novice may easily make these because they are so simple and quick to prepare. This vegetarian kabab dish is excellent for parties, tea time, and kid's lunch boxes. For your kids' tasty and healthy burgers, use these kababs as the patties.

10. Aloo Chaat  

Another quick snack option is aloo chat in the Indian cuisine. Fried potatoes and peas are used to make this simple snack. These are once more combined with sweet chutney and green chutney or dip. Add coriander leaves and sev bhujia as garnish. Although it may seem straightforward, the spicy, acidic, sweet, and sour aloo chat is a great party starter and a great alternative for a snack. If you intend to serve it, you can make the sauces well in advance and assemble everything right before serving.

11. Cheesy Potato Balls 

With a few exceptions, these cheese balls are essentially identical to croquettes. These soft cheese balls are excellent for youngsters and toddlers also. This cheesy party appetiser is simple and quick to make. To make it a healthy alternative, add heaps of vegetables.

12. Chinese Fritters

For your upcoming party, vegan Chinese fritters are a simple and quick appetiser option. This dish's distinctive flavour comes from incredibly tasty and straightforward fritters cooked with Indo Chinese sauces. For your next party, prepare them.

13. Pinwheel Samosa 

Samosa pinwheels are a variation on the traditional dish. Giving it a pinwheel form is the only alteration; the mixture itself stays the same. This is a simpler choice as well. It is quick and delicious with samosa flavour. It is ideal for any party or get-together because of its crispy outside and soft, spicy potato inside

14. Indian potato cakes (Aloo Tikki)

For the gathering, you can prepare these Indian aloo tikki or these crispy potato cakes. These vegan appetisers are quick, simple, and easy to prepare ahead of time.

15. Cheesy Onion Fritters 

Another cheesy variation on the traditional onion fritters are cheesy onion fritters. When we combine ordinary fritters with the additional cheese, the result is excellent. These appetisers are ideal for gatherings. For the greatest melting cheese texture in nibbles, serve them hot.

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