15 Best Quick & Easy Recipes - 13 Top Simple & Instant Recipes in 2022

Find a list of the top 13 quick and simple recipes in 2022 (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) below, along with information on the necessary ingredients and preparation methods for dishes like matar ke kebab, egg in a hole, and bread poha.

If your to-do list is getting in the way of your food fantasies, try one of these quick and simple recipes. We have always held the opinion that delicious cooking does not need spending a lot of time in the kitchen. For days when you don't feel like making complicated meals or to satiate sudden cravings, try one of our quick and simple dishes. Surprise everyone by indulging your senses with these ridiculously simple meals.

Our selection of quick & simple appetisers has you covered for any occasion, from decadent dips to crunchy snacks and tempting sweets.
Keep in mind these short strategies for quick dinners, and fill your cupboard with products that are easy to prepare. Simple and speedy bites without compromising on the flavors. We provide you some incredible, quick-and-easy to prepare recipes, such as garlic egg fried rice, yoghurt crunch pudding, 3-minute chocolate cake, and French toast.

Here are our top 13 easy and quick recipes in 2022 that we suggest you should try.

1. French Toast with Masala Cheese

Savoury egg white-batter-dipped sandwiches with bread and cheese that have been pan-fried. a speedy and wholesome alternative for a quick breakfast or late-night snack.

2. Chilli Gobhi 

Cooked cauliflower florets with an Asian taste. A speedy serving for those unexpected visitors! You won't feel hungry as often with this delicious vegetarian meal. It features a combination of spices that will please your palates.

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3. Paneer Kashmiri

Paneer chunks that have been deep fried and then cooked in a milk-based sauce with a tonne of khada masalas Steamed rice is recommended. This dish creates a supper for you in a matter of minutes and is bursting with exquisite flavours!

4. Yogurt Crunch Pudding

A light pudding would be the perfect way to cap off a relaxing Sunday. Impress everyone with this straightforward fruit dessert. What could be better than a tasty lunch followed by a crisp, healthy dessert? Nothing, we assure you, as you will undoubtedly fall in love after trying this recipe.

5. 3 Min Quick Chocolate Cake 

No, there was no typo there! In just three minutes, you can make a cake-in-a-mug with chocolate cookies. If you enjoy cake, you will enjoy this recipe because it is simple to prepare.

6. Coconut Balls

Cute tiny coconut delights to satisfy your sweet need! These divinely sweet coconut balls are created with milk powder and condensed milk. You need this specifically to satisfy your need for sweets.

7. Egg and Garlic Fried Rice

An effortless one-pot meal: garlicky egg fried rice. Thoughts to ponder! Making garlic egg fried rice is the ideal recipe for you if you have leftover rice that is kept in the refrigerator. Do not believe so? Use less ingredients when making this recipe.

8. Stir-fried chicken with chilli 

Oriental spices are quickly combined with chicken bits. You can use some vegetables or tofu in place of the chicken if you're a vegetarian. This dish is excellent as a pre-dinner appetiser or snack. It is for a spicy food enthusiast!

9. A speedy quesadilla

You can easily turn your leftover rotis into a unique Mexican wrap. The wraps are stuffed with cheese and crispy veggies then fried crisp in butter.

10. Matar ke Kebab

For those with last-minute dinner plans, a quick starter! kebabs prepared with peas and spinach. These green beauties are pan-fried with very little oil.

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11. Recipe for Dry Chilli Paneer

The famous Indo-Chinese appetiser chilli paneer is perfect for dinner parties with friends and family. A recipe for spicy, tangy paneer that is prepared to perfection using paneer, cornstarch, black pepper, maida, onion, green capsicum, etc.

12. Recipe for Egg in a Hole .

Weekday mornings necessitate a straightforward, efficient, and filling breakfast. So use this fast traditional egg recipe to obtain both protein and carbohydrates. Making an egg-in-the-hole is a neat way to prepare a fried egg. All you need is bread, eggs, and Make the ideal breakfast with salt, coriander leaves, and other ingredients.

13. Simple Poha Bread Recipe

Poha is the traditional Indian breakfast, but we give it a little variation by substituting bread for the poha. It is a straightforward dish made of bread chunks fried like poha with masalas. A delicious and speedy dinner for children. 

14. Vada Pao

One of the most popular foods in India is vada pao. This hearty dish, called vada, is made of potatoes and spices and is sandwiched between toasted pao bread. It can be eaten as an evening snack or as a light lunch. 

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15. French fries with poha

You should save this crunchy, flavorful snack that is created with healthy poha and potatoes!

Enjoy the 13 easy dishes in 2022 and you won't have to worry about what to serve as a snack again

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