10 Popular Brands of Potato Chips Available in India

 Brands of Potato Chips Available in India

Alfa Foods And Snacks

White potato chips are actually deeper seared or even cooked slim cuts of white potato, functioned as a snack item as well as mixed along with a variety of flavors brokers and active ingredients including weeds, masala, flavors and cheeses. Listed below is the list of significant gamers of Indian junk food market and leading packaged junk food making companies.

Lay's-- PepsiCo

Lay's company of potato chip is actually had through PepsiCo, The Wafer Style potato chips are among the most preferred potato contribute India, available in therefore several local area flavors. PepsiCo business India's beloved brands like Pepsi, Tropicana, Quake, Kurkure, lipton herbal tea and Aquafina water bottles.

Bingo by ITC

Bingo white potato chips by ITC are on call in six tastes of salty, masala, tomato, chilli as well as cream with onion. ITC Limited is the best well-known Indian FMCG provider as well as major labels consist of Wills Naval force Cut, Aashirvaad Aata, Sunfeast, Candyman, B organic and Yippee.


Uncle Chipps brand is also quite preferred in India, The of white potato chips company was the moment a market forerunner in the sector. The brand name was created of white potato, eatable grease as well as sold in India with catch phrase -Bole plain lips, I like Uncle Chipps.


Pringles brand of potato treat chips is owned through Kellogg's, A United States label and also fourth very most preferred label of white potato chime in India after Lay's, Bingo as well as Uncle Chipps. Pringles are actually also accessible in numerous tastes as well as the information feature white potato, corn, rice and also some sweeteners.

Haldiram's Chips

Haldiram's is a significant company of white potato contribute India, Likewise possesses wide range of Indian sugary foods and also snack foods products. The company creates bhujia sev, navratan mix, white potato chips, sonpapdi, moong daal and are actually well-known along with the Indian diaspora.

Parle's Wafers

Parle offers a variety of tempting potatoes biscuits in 6 flavours, Aloo Chaat, Tangy Tomato, Standard Salted as well as Piri Piri. The Indian food items company is widely known for cookie company Parle-G, is actually the largest selling biscuit label in India together with KrackJack, 20-20, Hide & Find and Milano.

Balaji Wafers

Balaji Wafers and also Namkeen firm manufacture snack foods in various flavours and also a participant of the Food Items Association. The provider has viewed a tremendous growth in the chips industry as well as today a major players of white potato chips in India along with Parle as well as Bingo.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Gemstone firm gives potato chips, namkeen, dips bands, fingers and one of the best treat manufacturing companies of India. The provider is actually based in Indore and understood for exceptional processing & packaging of all its brands Kurves, Katori, Wheels, Bands and Water lines.

Budhani Wafers

Budhani Bros Waferwala coming from Pune gives crunchy, high and also tasty quality Potato chips, biscuits and blends in India. The reputed company is actually known for premium products as well as crispy wafers, white potato mixture, salty peanuts and cashew almonds.

Teakettle Workshop

Teakettle Center potato chips are actually created coming from real active ingredients like ideal potato, cooked in finest honed sunflower as well as the potato chips with crisis, Popular flavours of Kettle Workshop chips are ocean sodium, jalapenos and also pepper jack cheese, balsamic vinegar and also paprika along with unique flavors.

There are actually a lot more labels of white potato chips accessible in India such as Ruffles, Visalakshi's Snacky White potato Chips, Jacker, Tastilo Nacho, Cornitos Nachos and also Namkeen labels like Bikaji as well as Bikanervala.

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